Can I download a SalonEverywhere app?

Can I download a SalonEverywhere app?

SalonEverywhere is a website that you can access by going to Our team is also working on an iOS and Android app that will be coming in 2021.
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    • Is SalonEverywhere an employment site?

      SalonEverywhere is designed to help you get connected with clients and other members of the beauty industry. Professionals looking for employment can also use this when searching for work.
    • What types of professionals can use SalonEverywhere?

      SalonEverywhere caters to hairstylists, barbers, estheticians, nail techs, makeup artists, brow & lash techs. We also have profiles for businesses such as Salons, Barbershops, Spas, and Brands. SalonEverywhere is built exclusively for the beauty ...
    • What makes SalonEverywhere different from Instagram?

      Instagram has to be updated constantly, so you're only as good as your last few posts, and it's not made for local search. SalonEverywhere is your online professional resume designed for local discoverability. Let's say you do some great updos for ...
    • What makes SalonEverywhere different than Yelp and Google My Business?

      Yelp and Google My Business are designed just to list any business, without information about the people that work there and their skills. In addition, platforms like Yelp and Google My Business have a one-sided review system that allows anyone to ...
    • Is SalonEverywhere a booking service?

      It is not a booking service, but there are links embedded within our pages that can transfer clients to booking systems used by beauty businesses.